Timecode Expert

Convert timecode, as simple as you need, as extensive as you want

Generate timecode with the internal generator, or convert MIDI, SMPTE and Art-Net timecode into MIDI, SMPTE and Art-Net timecode. As many converters as you want, with as many different outputs as you want. Auto-detection of incoming frame rates.

Truly, as simple as you need, as extensive as you want.

The mature version of Timecode Converter has been renamed Timecode Expert

Thanks to all our beta testers for all their useful input!

Now available for download and purchase

Cross platform, as always

Identical apps for macOS and Windows, one license for all

Add Generators, Receivers and Senders to your desire, and simply draw a routing

Highly customizable, with ASIO support

Free trial without a license

Like all our products, you can try Timecode Expert for free with a random duration per launch. 

Technical details

  • Incoming frame rates: 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, auto-detection
  • Outgoing frame rates: 24fps, 25fps, 30fps
  • Internal generator
  • Incoming MTC, LTC SMPTE and Art-Net Timecode
  • Outgoing MTC, LTC SMPTE and Art-Net Timecode
  • Offset for each output
  • Modular input/generator blocks, modular output blocks