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Timecode Expert 2

Convert timecode, as simple as you need, as extensive as you want

Generate timecode with the internal generator, retrieve timecode straight out of your DAW using our plug-ins, or convert MIDI, SMPTE and Art-Net timecode into MIDI, SMPTE and Art-Net timecode. As many converters as you want, with as many different outputs as you want. Auto-detection of incoming frame rates.

Truly, as simple as you need, as extensive as you want.

Packed with new features

Along with stability improvements and even snappier synchronization, we introduce the following new features:

  1.  Windowed components: Display the timecode stream of interest in a separate window or full screen.
  2.  Various clock modes: Choose how you want to display your timecode, frames or milliseconds.
  3.  Multiple links to a sender: Link up to 5 Generators/Receivers/TXL Receivers to a single sender, and set their priority by drawing the routing lines.
  4.  Infinity roll: When enabled, a sender will not stop sending timecode when its components on the left have stopped, until you disable the infinity roll button. Great for robustness.
  5.  29.97 DF support: 29.97 FPS DF in Timecode Expert and its plug-ins, for both input and output.
  6.  Hide routings: hide the routings sidebar for a cleaner look.
  7.  Log Timecode input and output: monitor the exact timings of your timecode streams, and export them to .CSV.
  8.  OSC control of Generator components: control the Start/Pause/Stop, and timing settings of Generator components using OSC. The syntax is explained further down this page.
  9.  Log Application events for better support: When you are experiencing problems with Timecode Expert, send us the log file such that we can better investigate your problems.
  10.  Update TE DAW Reader and TE LTC Reader plug-ins: The new features in Timecode Expert extend to the plug-ins as well.
  11.  Activation is done on a device, either directly using an active internet connection, or on another PC by uploading a file generated by the application. 


3 Devices

€99, Buy Here

1 Device

€59, Buy Here

1 Additional Device

€29, Buy Here

Contact us at for a personal quote if you wish to purchase a license for over 10 devices.

Customers of Timecode Expert 1 can use their Timecode Expert 1 License Key as a coupon to receive a 35 euros discount on Timecode Expert 2. You can apply this coupon code to your shopping cart. Please contact us when you purchased a bulk of licenses or if you have any problems applying the coupon.

VST3, AU and AAX plug-ins

Sync your DAW to Timecode Expert based on realtime LTC SMPTE on a channel or your DAW's clock

  • TE DAW Reader: read the DAW clock and communicate with Timecode Expert
  • TE LTC Reader: read LTC SMPTE on a channel inside your daw and communicate with Timecode Expert

Add Generators, Receivers, TXLs and Senders to your desire, and simply draw a routing

Highly customizable, with ASIO support

Free trial without a license

Like all our products, you can try Timecode Expert for free with a random duration per launch. 

Timecode Expert 2

By downloading you agree to our terms and conditions.

Version 2.0.2

More extensive documentation will follow soon.

OSC commands

OSC commands can be used to control Generator components. Play/Pause/Stop and timing can be controlled using OSC. Timecode Expert listens to message with the OSC address “TimecodeExpert”. The first value that always needs to be included is of type string; the name of the Generator component you wish to control. 

To control the playback of the Generator, the next value has to be of type string, with value “play”, “pause”, “stop” or “clock”. For example:

  • “/TimecodeExpert,ss,Generator 1,play” starts “Generator 1”
  • “/TimecodeExpert,ss,Generator Lighting,pause” pauses “Generator Lighting”
  • “/TimecodeExpert,ss,Generator Generator 4,stop” stops “Generator 4” and resets its time
  • “/TimecodeExpert,ss,Generator 1,clock” acts as a click on the clock button of “Generator 1”, either playing the actual time, or pausing playback

To set the time of the Generator, the Generator name string is followed by 4 integers, for hours, minutes, seconds, and 1/100 seconds. For example: 

  • “/TimecodeExpert,siiii,Generator 1,10,10,10,0” sets the time of Generator 1 to 10 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds, and 0 1/100 seconds.

Cross platform, as always

Identical apps for macOS and Windows

Technical details

  • Incoming frame rates: 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps DF, 30fps, auto-detection
  • Outgoing frame rates: 24fps, 25fps 29.97fps DF, 30fps
  • Internal generator
  • OSC control
  • Timecode logging
  • TE LTC Reader VST3/AU/AAX plug-in included
  • TE DAW Reader VST3/AU/AAX plug-in included
  • Incoming MTC, LTC SMPTE and Art-Net Timecode
  • Outgoing MTC, LTC SMPTE and Art-Net Timecode
  • Offset for each output
  • Modular input/generator blocks, modular output blocks